On January 1, 2021, Cenovus Energy acquired Husky Energy to form the third largest Canadian oil and natural gas producer and the second largest Canadian refiner. Learn more at Cenovus.com.

This page is to be used by Suppliers that have existing contracts with remaining Husky Oil allowed billing entities (please see below for detailed listings).

All contractors are required to be familiar with Husky's Alcohol & Drug Policy and Life-Saving Rules. For more information, see Mandatory Training.

COVID-19 Supplier Protocols
COVID-19 Reporting and Isolation
CVE Carpooling Guidance
Rapid Testing FAQs

FRAUD ALERT: Please be aware there are multiple fraudulent domains being used to contact suppliers which are not connected to Husky. Huskyenergy.com is the only approved domain. Purchase requests from other domains are not from Husky. Please be diligent in confirming correct email domains. If in doubt, please contact Husky's Vendor Relations team to verify the information.

Examples of fraudulent domains:

  • @huskyenergy-inc.com
  • @cenovuis.com

For suppliers of Cenovus, visit https://www.cenovus.com/